NBA Phoenix Suns Steve Nash Workout Video

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Individual Fundamentals Two-time MVP Steve Nash teaches the fundamentals of basketball in his step-by-step program designed to give every basketball players a competitive edge. Learn firsthand from Steve the training secrets needed to become a complete basketball player, including the shooting, passing, and ball handling drills that made him the game’s best all-around point guard. Disc 1 ~ Side B Team Play and Practice Organization A complete organizational program centered around two of Steve’s favorite things – team play and practice – this unique presentation teaches every coach dozens of proven team drills successfully utilized by Steve’s coaches throughout his All-Star career. Learn step-by-step how to run an effective, efficient and positive basketball practice that will improve any team’s skills, from youth to adult, for an all-star season. Disc 2 ~ 20 Minute Real Time Workout Go behind the scenes with Steve in this first-of-its-kind DVD: with the clock ticking down, Steve shows you how to maximize a 20-minute practice regiment – in the gym or in your driveway – by working out with the discipline, toughness, and smarts of an MVP.

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